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The picturesque city of Nafplio served as the first capital of the liberated from Turkish domination Greece.Today is the capital of the Prefecture of Argolida with a significant historical and cultural backround. The main income of the people is from the tourism industry,as Nafplio is a main tourist destination throughout the year,not only for the historical background of the city,but for the surrounding beauties as well.Nafplio is also a busy port enabling the trading of the produced local goods.The city was given the name of the mythical hero Nafplios,son of god Poseidon and founder of ancient Nafplia.
According to findings the area has been populated since the Mycenaean era. At the beginning of the 7th c. BC the city of Nafplia was one of the establishing members of the Kalavria Federation and later on it was mentioned as being the seaport of the powerful city of Argos. Argives during the 7th c. fortified the city of Akronafplia, since it was very important for them. When Pafsanias visited the area during the roman years he found an almost deserted city. The name Nafplion or Anapli was finally given during the Byzantine years, when the city was the core of a Byzantine domination in the area having Theodore Sgouros as one of its most significant potentates. In 1210 the city was seized by the Franks, while in 1322 Nafplio is under the Venetian occupation. The particular occupants of the city during the years of their occupation implemented quite a number of fortifying works.
In 1473 Bourtzi was fortified, while quite a few parapets were also built during the 15th c. In 1540 the city of Nafplio was surrendered to Turkish and many Greeks were forced to leave the city. In August of 1686 the Venetians once again, and for the last time, seized Nafplio building the very famous fortress Palamidi at the top of the hill overlooking the city of Nafplio. In July of 1715 the Venetians finally left from Nafplio and the city, just for a short period, lost its leading role over the other cities of Peloponnesus. On the 30th November of 1822 Staikos Staikopoulos seized Palamidi and three days the Turks turned over the city to Kolokotronis. Gradually Anapli became stronger again and on the 4th of May 1827, during the 3rd Constitutional Assembly, was appointed as the official capital of Greece; but even before 1827 occasionally the city of Nafplio served as the capital of the government. A year later Kapodistrias arrived at Nafplio, who was assassinated in 1831.

Kapodistrias had been appointed by the 3rd Constitutional Assembly as a transitory governor with a seven-year service. One of his first and main priorities was the staging both of the army and the navy, thus managing to expand the red line of the nation up to Sterea Ellada. Kapodistrias structured the first Greek public schools and restructured the corrupted legal system. He made a lot of efforts to boost agriculture and during his Governance the first Greek coin bearing the phoenix was minted. In 1833 Othon arrived at Nafplio and a year later Athens became the capital of Greece. Finally in 1862 it was in Nafplio that the rebellions were started for the dethronement of Othon.

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